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Investment Incentives



The tourism industry, in its various forms, was given new impetus by the tax benefits or fiscal incentives born in the heat of the Law 80 of November 8, 2012.


Under the bases that tourism is an activity of national interest, the law incorporates and encourages all state agencies and municipalities to work together. As they are entities using state funds, from all  contributors.


Tax benefits are aimed, in general, to tax exemption in order to encourage private investment in areas and specific activities with certain conditions. The incentives include import tax, consumption of certain goods and services tax, real estate tax, docks and airports tax, (operation notice) capital tax and income tax.


The novelty now is that the Law 80/2012 extends these benefits to a wide range of other activities, in order to increase national tourism. These activities are:


• Establishment and construction of new works and hosting public service activities in all the country of Panama with a minimum investment of $ 250,000.


• Investments in new construction in indigenous areas with an investment of not less than $ 100,000.


• Remodeling and equipment of more than $ 100,000.


• Tourist accommodation establishments with at least 50 rooms, which has not benefit from tourism incentives upon entry into force of Law 80/2012.


• New works designed to provide tourist accommodation service within the district of Panama with a minimum investment of $ 8 million , excluding the land value.


• Complementary investments (golf courses and tennis courts, gyms, clubs, restaurants, convention centers, marinas, nature trails, bird and natural biodiversity watching towers, canopy and springs) provided they are integrated to hotel investment and part of the same project.

• Other product and tourism-related activities , such as :


* Construction and operation of convention and exhibition centers, conferences, meetings , seminars, artistic or sports events.


* Different fiscal benefits for societies who want to offer incentive trips to their employees, in all the country Panama.


* Holiday tours offered by companies to their employees and their families, in all the country.


* Boating for cruise tourism, marinas and docks.


* Nature tourism: adventure , sun and sand.


• Special touristic products, such as agrotourism, rural tourism, ecotourism; sport, scientific, cultural, ethnic and health tourism; Park of amusements, aquariums, private museums, dolphin, conservation and exhibition of protected species.


• Investment for the development of tourism products through the purchase of bonds, stocks and other financial products


  • Tourism travel agencies.